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ZDY4500LXY crawler type hydraulic drilling rig for coal mine
  • Scope of Application

    Theyare mainly used for the pre release hole (for detection of water and gas) ofthe tunneling work, Degasing holes into the coal seam, Top and bottom stoneroadway degasing holes as well as other coal and rock workplaces requiringgeological exploration and drilling.

  • Outstanding Features

    Integrated design, compact structure, small size, strongfunctional, full hydraulic operation

    00853kj澳彩开奖网-00853kj晚上开奖直播-49619acom澳彩-澳门开奖网00853kj 1. The drilling rigs are designed by combining the pumpstation and drill rig, with the outline width smaller than 1m. The drillingrigs are small and flexible, especially suitable for drilling construction inthe narrow coal mine tunnels.

    2. The Crawler traveling is adopted, which has greatlyimproved the efficiency of moving and stabilizing the drilling rig andalleviated the labor intensity of workers.

    3. High efficiency: by rotating the huge wheel structure(patented technology of the Company), the ±180° azimuth adjustment and-90°~+90° pitching angle adjustment can be achieved while the crawler chassismaintains unmoved, so that holes are achieved in an all round manner in theroadway.

    00853kj澳彩开奖网-00853kj晚上开奖直播-49619acom澳彩-澳门开奖网00853kj 4. The top slabis supported by column, based on which the steady drilling is carried out. Thedrilling rotates with the rotary wheel, so that the supporting drilling andsteady drilling can be accomplished quickly in the complex downholeenvironment.

    5. The hostguide rail is mounted with a servo angle instrument (patented technology of theCompany), which can easily and accurately position the drilling pitching angle.

    6. For the wholehydraulic drilling operation, during the drilling, the power chuck and frontclamp work together. This not only avoids the risk of downward movement of thedrilling rig, but also improves work efficiency.

    7. Differenttypes and drill bits can be provided depending on the various user demands, inorder to satisfy the different requirements for the water exploration anddischarge, gas pumping, caving, water injection, deep geological drilling andother different purposes.

  • Main technical parameters

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