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Complete Equipment for Rapid Drilling in Ultra-Hard Rocks
  • Introduction to System

    00853kj澳彩开奖网-00853kj晚上开奖直播-49619acom澳彩-澳门开奖网00853kj The complete equipment for rapid drilling inultra-hard rocks is a type of complete equipment researched and developed bythe company to achieve safe and rapid drilling under the condition with thecoal rock hardness factor f ≥ 10. The drill bit of this equipment is driven bypressure water, which serves as the power medium, for impact drilling. Thiscomplete equipment has been researched and developed based on internationallyadvanced technologies and it features high impact frequency, high power, nopollution, no oil mist, no dust, high hole making quality, easy maintenance andhigh drilling efficiency. It is especially suitable for hard coal rocks and itsdrilling speed in coal rocks is more than 4-10 times that of conventionaldrilling equipment.

  • System Composition

    This complete equipment consists of a crawlerhydraulic drilling rig, a crawler clear water pump station, a conicalhigh-pressure resistant sealed drill pipe (Ф73X1000), a high-efficiencydrilling water hammer and a high-pressure revolving joint.

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